Friday, 19 November 2010

A Thing Of Beauty Is Definitely A Joy Forever

What you see here ladies and gents is a limited edition NARS Bento Box containing two highly pigmented shades of lipstick; the red - Kabuki (like the dramatic Japanese dance) and the pink - Sakura (the Japanese word for Cherry Blossom which is a flower often found in East Asia).  Included is a Kabuki lip brush made from Wisteria, for precise application.

Sold exclusively at London's Selfridges at £95 a pop (yes you read right!), I fear I shall never get my frost bitten mitts on this object of desire!  Unless of course, I rob a bank which would be completely unsuccessful since adrenalin and I definitely do not mix.  My other option could be to hang out at the Selfridges NARS counter like a bad smell until they give me one and have me escorted off the premises, which would also be a bad idea because after pulling a stunt like that they may put a life long ban on my butt!

*sigh* One can but dream

... till next time ...

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful - but so exquisite and steep at £95 I would certainly end up not using them and just admiring them from afar.