Saturday, 30 July 2011

Homemade in London

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I haven't been abducted by aliens or opted for a 'couch potato' lifestyle.  I have actually been signing myself up for a few 'crafty' classes such as a beginners knitting class (which I shall blog about once I've finished my first masterpiece) and a beginners sewing class which is the focus of my blog post today.

I subscribe to a handful of deal websites that offer you various experiences at a fraction of the price such as theatre tickets, dining or minor cosmetic surgeries.  80% of the time, I find myself deleting these deals but occasionally I am drawn to them and when I saw an offer for a beginners sewing class with champagne and cupcakes for half price I jumped at the chance.

 The class was to be two and a half hours long at Homemade London.  I called the store to secure my place on the class and warned the lady who dealt with my call, about my absolute lack of sewing skills.  She laughed and reassured me that everybody who books a place on the beginners sewing class is convinced that they're sewing skills are the worlds worst but upon leaving, they realise that they're skills are not quite so bad.  This left me feeling quite excited.

 So here I am nervous yet excited, walking towards Homemade London (and they have other workshops besides sewing).  I am greeted by a pretty white shopfront with brown craft card made to look like huge luggage labels with details to entice passers by.

Inside was a workshop area with 7 or 8 sewing machines, various spools of colourful thread, bundles of pretty ribbons and buttons here and there.  There was also lots of patterned material scraps and an ironing board at the back.  My nerves relaxed and I began to feel rather eager to get stuck in.

There were already a few people there who were also attending the same class as me.  I was greeted by a woman who was friendly and accommodating she introduced herself and another tutor who would be teaching us.  She allocated me a sewing machine and showed me a selection of thread, material and ribbons I could chose to work with.  The other tutor went around and made sure we were all ready to begin. 

Both tutors were very helpful and explained each step clearly.  I never felt intimidated or under pressure and at one stage when I felt as though I was falling behind, one of the tutors came over and offered me necessary guidance and reassured me.  Once we were all finished, a tin of buttons was passed around, should we like to add a little detail of some sort to our creations.

 We were treated with champagne and beautifully iced cupcakes which definitely broke the ice.  I left feeling like I had actually learned something.  I left proudly clutching my little masterpiece.  A little drawstring bag that I made by myself with little help from the tutors.  Something that I thought would be unachievable.

 Gone are the days where I look at my own sewing machine as if it's a monster in disguise.  Perhaps now I can attempt to wipe off the inch thick dust and actually use my sewing machine for ... well ... sewing and it's all thanks to those at Homemade London.