Thursday, 20 May 2010

Laduree vs. Paul

Whilst shopping in Central London last week I passed a Paul French bakery and spotted a tier of macaroons in the window. I couldn't resist and after some thought I decided on a large pistachio macaroon.

Tucked away in a signature paper bag lay my tasty treat. I saved it until I got home only to discover that an oily stain had transferred on to the bag which rang alarm bells to me. Eagerly, I took a bite expecting the usual soft, creamy texture I was used to when devouring Laduree macaroons.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. The texture was smooth and creamy to some extent but it was rather oily too which explained the stain on the paper bag. I simply couldn't enjoy this treat although I really tried. 

Results? Laduree 1 - Paul's 0!!


  1. I agree! You want to love the Paul's macaroon if only because it's the size of a digestive. But Laduree macaroons still win it for me hands down.

  2. You seem to forget that (at least in France) Paul's macarons are nearly half the price of the ones sold at Ladurée. Anyways, both Paul and Ladurée are owned by the same Holder family.